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Huckaba Custom Design sells cut lumber and pre-cut carving blanks prepared at the Huckaba mill in Montana. Kipp specializes in beetle killed Pine boards milled from locally salvaged Beetle-Kill Pine trees. The unique blue tones in the beetle-kill pine, otherwise referred to as Blue Pine, is very popular for creating natural wood furniture products.


We also use mostly Montana-sourced Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine, and offer USA hardwoods when requested for a finer, less knotty finish. Wood species in stock can vary so please check current availability with Kipp.


Our metal sign hanging brackets are found in this section.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Huckaba Wood Stamp

In addition to finished carved wood products, Huckaba Custom Design offers cut lumber: boards, counter slabs, planing, flooring, siding, and trim; prepared carving blanks, and plate metal hanging brackets.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Raw Trees

Yarded salvage beetle-killed pine trees.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Blue Pine Boards

Stack of cut beetle-killed Blue Pine boards.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Cut Lumber

Pricing has changed. All prices are subject to current market lumber prices and can change without notice. Please call for current quote. (406) 287-3347.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Lumber List

BOARDS: 1-in to 2-in thick, and 4-in to 8-in wide, in lengths of 8-ft to 16-ft. 3-inch or thicker boards up to 10-inches wide, and 8-ft to 16-ft long. Add PLANING for $-additional per bd ft. CUT SLABS up to 24-inches wide for counter-tops. Call for larger sizes. FLOORING and SIDING up to 3/4-in, and from 3/4-inch to 1.75-inches thick. Add $-additional per sq. ft. for RUSTIC WIRE BRUSH treatment. TRIM: 1/2-in to 4-in wide, and 5/8-in to 3/4-in thick. Call for trims over 4-in wide.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Metal Hanging Bracket

Metal hanging bracket hardware suitable for wall plaques and decor, and for sturdy hanging of coat racks. Pointed tip, or rounded. $-each.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Brackets Back View

Back view of metal hanging brackets.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Bracket Styles

Not sure how to hang up your new wood carving? May we suggest our brackets? These 1/8-in by 1-in wide by 6-inch plate metal brackets are very sturdy and will easily handle your solid wood carving. Subtly attractive without detracting from your new decor. Select pointed or rounded ends. $-each.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand


Tools of the Trade - Some of Kipp's lumber milling machinery.

Huckaba Custom Design Wood Brand

Prepared Blank Plaque

Carving blanks, or carving palettes. These are clean, uncarved slices of Ponderosa Pine, beetle-killed Blue Pine, or Douglas Fir, prepared for your own carving project. This particular piece measures 56 x 24 x 1.25 inches. Do you have a project in mind? Give Kipp a call to order your custom carving blank palette. Shipping charges via UPS or FedEx will be added to your order total.

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