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Questions are broken up into four categories. Choose the category at the top, then click the questions for drop-down answers. Use the Contact Form if you need more information.

  • Q: What are my wood choices?
    Favorite stock: These species are commonly--but not always--in stock: Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Beetle-killed "Blue Pine". Contact Kipp for current stock. Custom projects: Speciality wood, such as Oak or Maple can be ordered. All wood products from Huckaba Custom Designs are 100% made in the USA, and Montana. Cut lumber: Huckaba Custom Design also offers custom cut lumber and specializes in Beetle Kill Pine boards when available. STOCK LUMBER STATUS - Our descriptions are accurate as examples, but our lumber supply is subject to change. Be sure to check availability of desired species when contacting Kipp.
  • Q:  Do you have a short list of favorite fonts you use for customization?
    Yes, but OUR favorite might not be your favorite! We want you to choose a style that suits you, your family or recipient, and the occasion. To give you an idea of fonts that are popular--not just with us--but in general--here's a few from our collection: Font considerations for different applications depend on how formal and conservative the occasion, purpose, or person is; or if the design calls for something more informal, fun, or playful. For instance, our Redneck Doorbell is a perfect candidate for a fun or playful font. Other considerations are available space, readability, and personality. Here's a few more: Our full 11-page list is below. When completing the Pre-Order Form, you'll be asked for your 3 favorite font options, so take note of your favorites.
  • Q:  Can you make other designs besides what I see on your website?
    Sure! But it depends on what you have in mind. You would need to fill out the Pre-Order Form. Then we would need to follow up with a phone call. If your desired design is similar in style to what you see on the website there is a good chance we can work out a design. You can check for carving samples that are available. Kipp can also carve images from some photographs. In addition to commemorative carvings, Kipp can create custom stands, bases and pedestals for artwork, taxidermy and special keepsakes. A sample base can be seen on the Gifts and Decor page.
  • Q: How Do I Order?
    Stock Item - Have your credit/debit card ready along with the Title/SKU of item you want to order. Call Kipp at (406) 287-3347. He will confirm item availability, price, and shipping. Or, Contact Kipp with the contact form on the front page of this site. He will call you back to confirm order, payment, and address. Personalized or Custom Design Item - Use the Pre-Order-Form link on the menu. Give Kipp a good idea of what you want by filling everything out as specifically as you can. Be sure to appoint a time for him to call you. On that call he will confirm specifications, pricing, and shipping. All personalized carvings require payment in advance.
  • Q:  Why can't I find prices on your website?
    Pricing for raw materials and shipping has been so inconsistent since 2020 that it's impossible to keep up with changes on our website--especially since most of our sales are custom orders. We understand your frustration. Kipp is happy to give you up-to-date pricing information via phone or email. Just give him a call. 406-287-3347.
  • Q:  What information will you need when I call to place an order?
    If you see a specific item in our product galleries you would like, we would need the product title /SKU #. If it happens to be an available stock item, all the information we need, except payment, will be on the Pre-Order Form. You will need a credit/debit card available when you call to place your order. If you are ordering a customized item, we would need all the information from the Pre-Order Form. SKU #/ Title if referring to an item on this site, Name, Contact info, and Billing/ Delivery address. In the "Note" box provide specific details. Please be sure everything is spelled correctly. We'll use the form input information, along with information gathered from our follow-up phone call. In planning your personalized carving, it would be helpful to make notes of the following: Size preference Image ideas Your message and how to place it in relation to the image 3 font preferences (#1 #2 #3 plus font name) Type of wood you would like to use Semi-gloss or gloss finish. Personalized carvings can also be ordered unfinished.
  • Q:  How do I pay?
    Over the phone. Stock item: Orders are placed direct, over the phone. We will confirm the item price, plus the cost of shipping for your total cost. You will be able to pay at time of ordering using a credit/debit card. You will receive a paid receipt via email, or, a printed receipt with your shipped purchase. Custom orders: Price and specs for custom orders will be confirmed during a direct phone call. All personalized carvings require payment in advance. If you would like, we are happy to email sample computer renderings of the image and a photo of the wood for approval prior to carving. Sales are final after wood has been carved. We reserve the right to accept or refuse orders; and to revise prices to correct or reflect true raw material costs. The customer may accept the revised pricing or cancel their order.
  • Q:  Can I pay online with a credit card?
    Not currently. No two designs are exactly alike, and many orders are custom and require specific personal communication to determine final price. Taking phone orders results in more clarity and less error, making life easier for both of us.
  • Q:  How long does it take to receive an order once it has been approved?
    Estimated delivery times: Stock items - 1 week Custom Plaques, games, home decor etc. will vary depending on custom features. 1 - 2 weeks Mantels - 2 weeks Doors - 2.5 weeks Coffee and dining tables - 3 weeks Bath vanities and large furniture - 4 weeks These are estimations only. Expected delivery will be determined more precisely when order is placed.
  • Q:  What can I expect to pay for shipping?
    It depends on the item. As a reference, until 2020, typical shipping and packaging costs within the continental U.S. ran about $35--$40 including insurance for a wood wall carving measuring about 17" x 25" x 1.25", plus 2 metal mounting brackets. In April 2021, some shipping took a jump of about 20%. We will have current up-to-date information available when you're ready to order.
  • Q:  What carrier do you use for shipping?
    UPS or FedEx.
  • Q:  Do you insure your packages?
    Yes, but we don't always include it for free.
  • Q:  This is for a gift. Can I have it shipped directly to the recipient?
    Yes. Be sure we have the correct address for shipping. We do not take responsibility for delivery once the package is accepted by the carrier, and we only deal with original customer should any issues arise.
  • Q:  What is your return policy?
    Stock Items: Unpersonalized, decorative wood carvings may be returned and a credit will be issued for the purchase price which may be applied toward a future purchase. Return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Decorative wood carvings must be returned in the same condition as sent within 20 business days of receipt. The purchaser must notify Huckaba Custom Design immediately upon receipt of any merchandise damage due to shipping. Customized: No returns. Sales of all personalized carvings are final after the wood has been carved.

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