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Distinctive Montana Wood Products and Carving

​​​In his workshop in Cardwell, Montana, Kipp Huckaba creates a wide variety of skillfully carved and finished custom woodwork. Be sure to browse all six of the categories below since some overlap--and some pieces need a category all their own!  Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you'll give us a call or contact us to discuss your own special idea.
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About Kipp Huckaba

Montana Wood Carver

Kipp was first drawn to the beauty and variety of natural wood grains in his high school industrial arts classes. A true conservationist with resourceful country roots, Kipp has incorporated wood into every facet of his life including construction, building furniture, sculpting mantels and creating customized artwork. One of his specialties is salvaging dead, beetle-killed pine trees, (Blue Pine), and turning what otherwise would be forest fire fuel, into sawed lumber, gorgeous one-of-a-kind furniture creations, and impressive works of art for the home, lodge, or office.

Kipp and his family live on the family ranch in the beautiful ranch country of southwest Montana. Where inspiration is right outside the window, and in the warmth of the home.

Check with Kipp about local pickup.

STOCK LUMBER STATUS - Our descriptions are accurate as examples, but our lumber supply is subject to vary.  Please visit with Kipp with any questions.

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726 St Hwy 2 E - Cardwell, MT 59721  |  Tel: 406-287-3347

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